Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two 50s in three weeks

I ran two 50-milers in three weeks. The first I did in a sluggish 11:55. I wore the wrong shoes and tore up my feet. Not only horrible blisters but a lost toenail (gross!), completely destroyed my heels and irritated my achilles. Not good. I'd never had such problems running a 50 before.

The second 50 I ran in 10:40, much better (though still slow). My achilles bugged me from about mile 15 on so I stayed slow and modified my gate to protect it. Coming in under 11 hours qualified me for Western States 100 so my slow, guarded gate forced me into a lot of clock-watching. It was also pretty hot (around 90 degrees) and only one aid station had ice so my brain boiled most of the day.

6 weeks rest means no running, more swimming and a bit of time at the gym.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Andy my name is Dave. I was recently searching the web for truck campers and power inverters to start the process of living in my truck until I get enough money to pay it off and some debt. While I was looking I stumbled across your story and was amazed how similar our lives are. I too am hounded by creditors and mounting bills. I lost my full time job recently and can barely get by. I work in the film industry in Texas as a lighting and grip technician, but film work has died recently . I plan to rig a few truck batteries to an inverter where I can power my mini guitar amp and PS3 and TV. I'll stay at my girlfriends house a few nights a week and then do exactly what you've done until I get back on my feet. Thank you for the inspiration my friend. Your story really has impacted me. God bless you Andy!