Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick update

Hi everyone! It's been almost a year since I broke my ankle and moved into a room. Well I still live in the same room, have been running some races, including a 50-mile run just recently! I'm studying a lot these days and working toward a good career change and life change. I still use my truck to sleep in when I go places (cheaper than a hotel). My mattress is still in the back of the truck so when I go camping or climbing I sleep well.

More adventures to come!


Audra Adair said...

I want to know how you trained for the R2R2R?
I'm planning a two hiking trip to do the R2R2R with a friend so that I can scout it out.
Then I'm planning to return in May to run the R2R2R by myself or perhaps a crazy friend.
I'm an ironman triathlete, sponsored, I do adventure races and marathons, but nothing this length or climbing.
Can you help a follow athlete out?

Andy said...

Hi Audra! The R2R2R is an awesome run, well worth the trip. It's one of the most amazing places on Earth!

We ran it as our first ultra-distance run. It took us way too long and we got really beaten up. I've been wanting to get back out there and do it again, now that I've got a lot more miles under me.

My training philosophy is actually really simple. I like to run trails and I run based on how I feel. Some days that might be a 3 hour run, some days I run 5 miles and just don't feel it so I just go back. Steep hills are great to train on. I love running uphill more than downhill. So I run hills and trails and try to enjoy it. That's my training! And I prepare my mind for it by changing my perception of the distance. 50 miles seems like a long way if you let it but if you change your view than it's a nice long run with food!

Ash said...

Hi there! One of my readers sent me a link to your site. Very cool and great info:)

The Tuckerbag

Duncan Moredock said...

So how's your adventure doing? I hope you're still continuing it. :-) It seems you love what you're doing. Wow, you've been living inside your truck for a long time! You've managed to travel and run for years!