Monday, April 12, 2010

Boring Update

Hello. I am still alive.

I haven't posted because I'm tired of credit card companies reading and quoting this thing to me. I'm very very poor these days. Not sure how I'm actually getting by. But meals come regularly, which is good.

If you are a creditor/debtor please shove off at this point...

Ok, so other than that I've been running a lot. The foot issues I had from the Tahoe 72 are gone. I started barefoot running as a supplement to my regular runs and it cured me in such a short time. And now I'm even tougher. Gonna run a 100-miler soon!

And other than that I'm studying hard for what is coming!

So how's everyone doing?


The Reiersens said...

How in the heck did creditors find your blog? Wow, that's low! do you like running barefoot? Kevin had to study it for a bit in PT school and now he wants to try it.

Anonymous said...

I have been living in my camper shell for 4 years now. I have it parked at grandfathers house with extension cord makes life in it much more comfortable. The truck is half ton with tinted windows and campershell is tinted to .I have microwave tv small bucket toilet and tent inside to keep drafty air off of me i also have mr heater propane when i am out in city and have electric when hooked up to electrical outlets. I can tell you living in a shell is no fun but its better than nothing and that is what i named it. I am so grateful i have it. Best wishes Justin

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Been there, done that. I remember one time, I ran out of cash entirely. I started washing my clothes using bottled water that I bought on credit, then wringing them out, then hang-drying them in my car (before I had a truck) since I had no quarters for the dryer at the laundromat.
Anyway you should get a part-time job at a cafe or something.
And put Adsense ads on your page so you can make a few dollars that way.
And put a Paypal donation button on your page...
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Stay well...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the credit card companies want you to pay them back. Yet another low life, who thinks the world owes them. Get a job.

Anonymous said...

Andy- just so you know, credit card debt has a statute of limitations. In California I believe it's 4 years since the date of your last payment. Don't lt these vulture scum bags keep you from living a normal life. When you have time, please check out and read and read. You will be surprised how much you didn't know about what these dirtbag collectors cannot get away with. Again-please read there and ask questions if you need to. Nobody needs to live like this because of those jerkoffs! I wish you the best of luck! God Bless!

Christopher Allen said...


I began reading your blog in july of '08 when I was getting ready to take a new job 100 miles from my parent's house (no money for gas to commute that far!) your blog helped me structure my days to exist with reasonable comfort during the four months I was living out of my 4runner. Thanks a bunch, Andy. Hope you keep writing, I'll keep reading.