Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Here again

Hello, to those of you still connected.  Let me fill you in on what I'm doing:

I've been staying out in the woods in Colorado, off the grid, for the last several months.

1) I'm trying to write a book about my experiences and advice on living in the truck.
2) I have a proposal for a fun, educational and adventure-driven road trip web/TV show that I would love to do that would take me to national parks, historic sites and other cool places.  I just have no idea how to connect with people to get it funded.

I'll be heading back to California pretty soon.  I was hunting for a job in CO have grown tired of rejections.  It's been nearly 5 months with no luck and not a single dollar made so I'm out of here.  I don't mind living in my truck, despite the amount of time I've had to over the years, but I really hate having such difficulty finding any kind of job.

If any of you happen to have connections that could help me pitch my book or travel show I would really appreciate it!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Anybody still out there? What if...

Hi!  So I've been off of this thing for a long while.

I've been entertaining a thought... what if...

What if I did take the advice to do a podcast and also transform the knowledge of this blog and all my personal experiences into a podcast?

Who would I interview?!  There are nearly 35,000 views on this page.  Anyone interested in getting a conversation going and seeing where this can go?

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Back at this as a necessity

It's been a long time since I've posted here.  Even longer since it's been relevant.  I am again living in my truck.  It has become necessary, as a grad student (working on my Doctorate in Chiropractic and Master's in Acupuncture).  Working on two degrees was sold to us as "doable" and I struggled for a long time before having to move back into the truck.  As it turns out "doable" means "if you have rich family, are married/live with someone who shares the bills."  I don't have that.  I also happen to go to school in one of the most expensive areas in the country: Los Angeles, CA.

I graduate in six months yet I can't even afford to live somewhere while studying for board exams.  Truck living isn't fun like it used to be.  Having to work for free (internship) while showering at a gym is not terribly conducive to a mobile lifestyle.  As such, I will write about it and I will try to be as honest as I can.

So since I last posted I have lost my dad, began suffering from alopecia barbae (autoimmune condition wherein I no longer grow hair in a part of my beard - a stress-induced condition), and my running and climbing are both not going well due to various injuries.  Despite being a chiropractic student I find it nearly impossible to find help for my own health, mentally or physically.

Therefore I am stuck living in my truck again, just like before, but with much less enthusiasm.  I still have good times and fun adventures.  If I were to give up everything: running, climbing, healthful eating and limit my driving (in this area it is impossible) then I would be able to afford a cheap place to live.  But how would that be worth it?  Just to sleep in some noisy rat-trap?

This blog will serve as my journal while I try to make sense of the choices I've made, the future of my life and career and as a testament - or perhaps a warning - to anyone who has to go it alone and is too idealistic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two 50s in three weeks

I ran two 50-milers in three weeks. The first I did in a sluggish 11:55. I wore the wrong shoes and tore up my feet. Not only horrible blisters but a lost toenail (gross!), completely destroyed my heels and irritated my achilles. Not good. I'd never had such problems running a 50 before.

The second 50 I ran in 10:40, much better (though still slow). My achilles bugged me from about mile 15 on so I stayed slow and modified my gate to protect it. Coming in under 11 hours qualified me for Western States 100 so my slow, guarded gate forced me into a lot of clock-watching. It was also pretty hot (around 90 degrees) and only one aid station had ice so my brain boiled most of the day.

6 weeks rest means no running, more swimming and a bit of time at the gym.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick update

Hi everyone! It's been almost a year since I broke my ankle and moved into a room. Well I still live in the same room, have been running some races, including a 50-mile run just recently! I'm studying a lot these days and working toward a good career change and life change. I still use my truck to sleep in when I go places (cheaper than a hotel). My mattress is still in the back of the truck so when I go camping or climbing I sleep well.

More adventures to come!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 years, 2 months, 19 days (or 1907 days)

This blog is going to stay up and will, at some point soon, be transformed into just adventures and other exciting things I do. But officially, my truck life has ended. I started at age 25 and ended at 30. A big section of life. There's a lot to think about and a lot more to write about, but not yet.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comment Moderation and Other Nonsense

For some reason spammers (pointless air-wasting people and their idiot programming skills) have taken to finding random old posts and mass-spamming in the comments field. Well no more! From now on you'll have to use those obnoxious random text generating boxes AND I'll moderate. This way no more time-wasting people can bother me.

On a more positive note, things are looking up. The air is warm, the grass is green...

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I'm still here and still trucking. 5 years has come and I'm now 30! Based on the direction my life is taking I'll be out of the truck very soon. Can't do it forever!

I have a lot to share but I'm going to wait a little longer before I do. Don't want anything that I'm working on to get jinxed before it starts. I'll be back to posting regularly very soon!

For those still following: THANK YOU!!!

Here's a few photos from stuff I've been up to (San Diego 100, Badwater, climbing, birthday pie in-the-face):

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boring Update

Hello. I am still alive.

I haven't posted because I'm tired of credit card companies reading and quoting this thing to me. I'm very very poor these days. Not sure how I'm actually getting by. But meals come regularly, which is good.

If you are a creditor/debtor please shove off at this point...

Ok, so other than that I've been running a lot. The foot issues I had from the Tahoe 72 are gone. I started barefoot running as a supplement to my regular runs and it cured me in such a short time. And now I'm even tougher. Gonna run a 100-miler soon!

And other than that I'm studying hard for what is coming!

So how's everyone doing?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Hiding

I'm still out in the cold and struggling to get by, eating less often than I'd like and being assaulted by credit card companies. I'm in school, which is great, but I have nothing else going. I got horribly screwed over by the Rope Access company owner, a real jerk, and can't afford anything at all now. I'm doing a little massage, though it's barely more than enough to get me gas money to get to the appointments. So everything is tough now.

I made the blog private for a while because credit card companies were reading on here, seeing only the positive parts of my life. That's what this blog was created for - for my family and friends to follow the fun stories and cool adventure of living in the truck. But it's not cool now. It's actually pretty bad these days.

Despite all the bad things, being poor, being a bit hungry, and being assaulted by credit card companies, I'm still moving forward. I'm training hard, hoping to run a 100-mile race this year, and trying to make my way through the beginnings of a new school program that will one day get me ahead.