Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Honesty and My Business

I have several posts of adventures to share, all amazing places and journeys from the last few months, but I have been a little preoccupied.  I am a chiropractor and owner of Expedition Chiropractic - a mobile, in-home chiropractic, massage therapy and rehabilitation practice - but I am not making much at all.  I'm honestly barely surviving, even then with a lot of help.  I have been trying to network and market but am pretty lost.   Networking and marketing are were I struggle the most.  I'm terrible at it and I don't have much of a budget to sink in.  Out of desperation I've been looking for jobs, chiropractor, media or anything to help me get by.  It's hard to live in a truck and have lived through so many adventures, and try to fit into the world, especially as a shy introvert.

It's tough.  I'm really stressed out.  My adventures keep me sane through all this but even they are strained and severely limited by my lack of funds.  I've been able to go to great places and do fun things but there is an amount of grace from friends and my mom, along with my wild frugality (an oxymoron?) and minimalism.

I would like your help too.  I would like anyone taking the time to read this to help me network.  I want you to pass this around, tell everyone you know (in all of Southern California):
Honesty is hard when you have a certain image or reputation.  I'm known for smiling and having a great time but the cost of that is that no one sees the struggle until I become tortured enough to become very negative and even act rudely (defensiveness).  Please help me turn my small mobile service business into something that can at least feed me.  I'm truly great at it and I'd like everyone to experience what I can do for you.

More posts to come soon.  Thank for taking the time to read.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Why I'm Doing This Again

This site is essential for vehicle-dwellers, adventurers, travelers, mobile lifestyle enthusiasts, road-trippers, minimalists and everyone!

I want to be honest about why I've decided to start posting to this blog again, after all this time.  So here is the reasoning, with full transparency and disclosure:

I'm here to celebrate an unconventional life as an innovator for a healthy, minimalist adventure-based lifestyle!
My home and a doppleganger in the background.
My biggest regret and mistake was to leave alone when I was “famous” and not grow it as a hub for the lifestyle and a brand.  I should have done it to encourage others.  I also should have written my book sooner - I'm currently working on the book.

My goal with the site is to grow the audience - get sponsorships, affiliates, ads, learn SEO, branding and marketing, etc. - and turn this into an income source.  Many podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers and other internet entrepreneurs do it with their sites and projects.  I feel that it is the right lifestyle and career for me, for my values and what I stand for.  I hope to learn how and to grow the site and I would love for you all to help me and be a part of it!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Potato Chip Rock (19 JAN 2016)

There is a short, beautiful hike in North Eastern San Diego County up to a crazy rock called Potato Chip rock.  My good friend Katie invited to come hike with her and her friends.  I was put to work carrying people (she was pregnant) and had a lot of fun running up and down the trail like a dog.  Really cool place that's very accessible to my Southern California friends - roughly 2 hours drive from OC!

Climbing in Red Rocks (from December 2015)

This may be over eight months in the past now but I really enjoyed this trip out to Red Rocks, located 20-30 away from The Strip in Las Vegas, NV.  Red Rocks is well known in the climbing world but there is so much to do there: canyoneering, tons of hiking and biking and a beautiful loop drive.

I was there in December 2015 with a group of my buddies.  They were also there to see the big UFC fight and I was there to climb and have a nice time.  We stayed at the Red Rock Hotel, the closest hotel to the park, which is very nice and has decently-priced rooms, good food and is only 10 minutes away.

I drove out the day before the rest of the guys and enjoyed some bouldering at the Kraft Boulders, a popular spot for bouldering at all levels (for good reason).  The hardest boulder problems I hopped on were V4, not terribly hard but I have had so many injuries and bouldering is a great way to sustain more.  Below is a photo of me on one of the V4s I did.

I took this photo with my iPhone set up on a Joby Tripod and the camera's timer set for 10 seconds, allowing me to start the climb.

I had the chance to hike and climb with local resident and fellow ultrarunner Colleen, who has the most amazing adventure resume I've ever seen!  We climbed at a cliff named The Panty Wall, where all the routes had underwear-themed names.  So funny!  She also took me to a canyoneering meetup party where I ran into a friend, Landy, that I had met while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014.

I also was finally able climb with the guys for only a few hours.  We climbed at The Panty Wall.  Most of the guys left that day.  My friend Ryan and I stayed an extra day hoping to climb but the temperature had dropped even more and there was some snow out there.  We got together with my friend Landy and hiked around out in Red Rocks, still having an awesome time, but wishing it was 15ยบ warmer and dry enough to climb.  NOTE: Do not climb on sandstone for 2 days after rain - you risk damaging the rock, destroying the routes and being a mega-huge jerk.

This now being August already I quite look forward to the Las Vegas weather coming down a bit so we can go out to climb more.  We usually climb in Joshua Tree, 2.5 hours away; Red Rocks is 4 hours.  Only 1.5 hours more and so much we have yet to climb!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

"Fixing Your Feet" Book, Site and at Races

Let's talk about feet.  For most of us our feet carry us on great adventures yet we often neglect them.  One man has taken it upon himself to write the best book, put in the work and spend so much time at races caring for the feet of runners, cyclists and adventure racers - John Vonhof.  John is a retired paramedic, former ultrarunner and current ultra-cyclist.  Luckily for me I have been able to work with him at races, learning some of the tricks of foot care for athletes.


Buy the book: Fixing Your Feet, 6th Edition

There are many useful taping techniques that I never would have thought of, despite my 4 years of schooling as a chiropractor and years of running ultras, backpacking, climbing, etc.  There are long discussions to be had regarding gait, foot strike, barefoot vs max cushion shoes, trail vs road, fast vs slow and more.  I cannot recommend this book enough.  You will be an expert after reading it.

I have more recently worked with John as part of the race medical team at:
2014 Tahoe 200 (200-mile run)
2014 Tahoe Rim Trail 100
2014 Western States 100
2015 Badwater 135

I have used his book and the skills I've learned during:
2014 Pacific Crest Trail through-hike attempt (1,018 miles)
2014 Ragnar Relay, Napa
2015 Chimera 100
2016 Badwater 135 (runner crew & pacer)

How you will benefit:

  • Learning which tapes, supplies and other gear is essential and which is not.
  • Techniques for caring for your feet before, during and after an event.
  • Relevant anatomy and biomechanics, helping you to understand how your feet work and why you might be experiencing a problem.

Buy the new edition, which is absolutely worthwhile, here: Fixing Your Feet, 6th Edition.

(I also happen to know whose feet and hands made the cover of the new book!)

If you are interested in learning more about ultrunning, climbing, canyoneering, hiking and ultralight backpacking and all the logistics involved please email me at andybussell@gmail.com.  If you are interested in having me work at a race, either on the race medical team or as part of an athlete's crew please email at info@expeditionchiropractic.com.

Games on the Go

There are times when you need to take a break and chill out, especially if you're spending more than ten hours a day in your truck.  If you're lucky enough to be traveling with others you can have endless fun being social or being private and reading, drawing, writing or mumbling to yourself as you walk along an empty road.  Or you can play a game!  Games are a great way to be interactive yet also relax.  I'm not talking about phone or tablet games though - I'm talking about tabletop games!

I spend 99% of my time alone and more than 10 hours a day in my truck.  I'm also on the road quite a lot.  So I chose a game that fulfilled certain requirements:
1) Solo play
2) Small and portable
3) Space themed!!!  (I love anything that has to do with space and science)
4) Quick game play

When I found Tiny Epic Galaxies in Portand, Oregon's Guardian Games, a fantastic store, I knew I had found the right game for me!  Tiny Epic Galaxies is quick to set up, learn and play.  It can be played solo or wth up to 5 players!  It's small, making it easily packable for a flight or short trip!  And - it's space-themed!

I highly recommend you check out some games to take your mind off your day, relax and stop staring at a screen.  I know that digital books and audiobooks are taking a lot of your time, in addition to music and phone games, but you need to PUT DOWN THE DEVICES and have a truly three-dimensional experience in the world.

Amazon has great prices on this and other games - click HERE to check out Tiny Epic Galaxies on Amazon!

Friday, July 29, 2016

"To Boldly Chicken Where No Chicken Has Chickened Before"

Some of you know that I enjoy making cheesy "obvious Photoshop" images, usually using science fiction and comedic references. Well, here is my current image, which I am using as my computer's wallpaper.

"To Boldly Chicken" is the name of this piece. It's a strange planet with 1,000-meter high waves and 200-meter tall surfing chickens. Even a ship as advanced as the Enterprise-E has to get out of there!

If you wish to use this or have me create for you an interesting "obvious Photoshop" composite for you then we can work out the terms (a fee, a mass of exposure & followers/subscribers).

Self-Care on the Road

For those of us that travel or lead unconventional lives, especially if we are physically active, self-care is incredibly important.  Perhaps, like me, you're on a budget - so any ache or pain (or if your arm falls off) - whatever happens you're going to have to fix it yourself.  You're in luck today because I am going to share with you some of what I do and the tools I keep in my truck to help keep my body working.

I am a mobile chiropractor and massage therapist and owner of Expedition Chiropractic in Southern California.  I work with clients in their homes and offices performing manual therapy, rehab & exercise therapy and training & lifestyle recommendations.

I'm also a ultramarathon runner, climber, canyoneer, diver, caver and a doer of a host of other outdoor adventure sports.  So I know a thing or two about bodywork and rehab from injury.

Here are some systems for self care, fitness and products that I think you might benefit from:
Yoga TuneUp (they sell self-massage balls)
Rumble Roller
Laird XPT
Wim Hof Method (breathing training)
PowerLung (not the Training Mask, which is stupid, unscientific and potentially dangerous)
Theraband products
Iron Mind hand health products

My plan is to go into more detail about these in upcoming posts.  I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you and want you to feel and move well.  If you're in Southern California and would like to work with me please visit Expedition Chiropractic and we'll set something up!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let's Have an Adventure!

Hi everyone!  I'm back!  I am again living in my Toyota Tacoma and enjoying many exciting trips and adventures.  Of the last 11 years I have now spent about 7 years living in my truck and I want to encourage everyone to GoTruckYourself - get out there, have an adventure, take a road trip, see the places close to you: national parks, state parks, museums, the night sky and, while you're out there, have great food and drink from local businesses!  Support what's out there and explore your world!

Now that I'm here again and active on the blog I am going to take you all along with me on my interesting life, trips, cool places and also the struggles of daily life living in a truck in Southern California.  Life isn't always grand and I want to share it all with you.

Also, I have been working on an outline for a book about living in the truck - a "how-to" as well as sharing some of my experiences.  I would love your input!

I would also love your support.  I would like to turn this blog into a hub for those living the mobile lifestyle - be it a van, car or truck - because I think we can share our own "how-tos" and wacky stories in a way that is positive for each other.  We aren't the dregs of society because we're living an unconventional life.  We should all be proud of this wild decision to explore, to prioritize the possibilities rather than the mundane.  Plus, I'm sure most of us don't quite make enough money to rent a place anyway (without taking away from the quality of our lives).  Many of us may be broke but we aren't poor - we're the richest of all because we are free to enjoy life (the beach, the mountains, a free day) without the heavy burden of a material possession-laden life.

Grab your gear, your keys and rejoin me for another ride!

(if you are interested in advertising here, sponsoring me or this site, contributing to, joining or funding my adventures please email me at: andybussell@gmail.com)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Here again

Hello, to those of you still connected.  Let me fill you in on what I'm doing:

I've been staying out in the woods in Colorado, off the grid, for the last several months.

1) I'm trying to write a book about my experiences and advice on living in the truck.
2) I have a proposal for a fun, educational and adventure-driven road trip web/TV show that I would love to do that would take me to national parks, historic sites and other cool places.  I just have no idea how to connect with people to get it funded.

I'll be heading back to California pretty soon.  I was hunting for a job in CO have grown tired of rejections.  It's been nearly 5 months with no luck and not a single dollar made so I'm out of here.  I don't mind living in my truck, despite the amount of time I've had to over the years, but I really hate having such difficulty finding any kind of job.

If any of you happen to have connections that could help me pitch my book or travel show I would really appreciate it!