Thursday, September 29, 2016

Male Model

I can't tell you much about this yet but it was funny so I have to say something.

I was hired for a professional photoshoot for one of the big car manufacturing companies.  The material is intended for Mexico, South America and Europe.  I was to play the character of "Mountain Biking Hispanic Dad."

I had a great experience, met and worked with some real professional, high-end people and would certainly do it again.  Once the materials make their way out into the world I will find them and share them and my full experience.  But I am now officially a "male model" right?  So now I can only shower in Evian water and eat only the blue M&Ms... right?  Well... orange mocha frappaccino!

Tahoe 200 (Sept 2016)

Few people sign up to run 200 miles multiple times.  Rebecca Byerly is one of those.  She completed the race in 2014 while filming for a documentary.  After nearly three years of filming and to help complete the story she came back to run the race again.  I had worked with her a couple times in 2014 at various aid stations and this year, less than two weeks before the race, she asked me to be her race doctor.

Rebecca and I met in 2009 at Badwater and I have since followed her journalistic career around the world.  I had enjoyed seeing her at this race in 2014 and was really excited about spending more time getting to know her and her crew this year.  It was a long 5 days surrounding the race with a lot of lost sleep and increasing delirium but we all had a good time and the filming of her documentary is now complete.  Here are some select photos from the race:
Last minute preparations
Race start
Leaving mile 7
Mile 60 - Smiling with Patrick and Mimi
Leaving mile 60 

Sleep break! 
With crew chief Kelly and renown photographer Keoki Flagg
Finish time: 98:07:35
Bernie from New Zealand and his son-in-law (who lives in Dubai).  Final finisher in 99:45!
Me somewhere out there
Post-race chat  
Part of the crew (missing a lot of pacers)!
Two-time Tahoe 200 finisher!
Flower photo!

San Diego Zoo

I had the privilege of spending Labor Day in San Diego watching my aunt and uncle's 16-year old cat for nearly a week.  I love San Diego.  I spent quite a bit of time going to different coffee shops, local breweries and a few art galleries.  They left for me a pas to one of my favorite places: the San Diego Zoo!  I can say so little about it other than how amazing it is and how much I love animals.

After my day at the zoo ended I found a nice grassy spot in Balboa Park to do some yoga and watch the sun set.

I could say it a million times: I love San Diego!  Depending on the nature of the projects I work on I would certainly be happy living here!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Jump Canyon Video (Andy's Cut) (Aug 2016)

If you look a few posts back you'll see photos and videos from my trip to Jump Canyon.  I've gotten my olde laptop (Lappy) to cooperate well enough to let me edit a version of it myself!  Enjoy!

More adventures to come!

Friday, September 02, 2016

There and Back Again, a Stranger's Tale

I have been spending a little time in LA learning and upgrading my skills.  Here's why:
1) My chiropractic/massage therapy business isn't making me enough money to eat so I'm having to borrow food money.
2) My elbow hurts.  I couldn't do bodywork full-time.  And even if I could it is my opinion that many chiropractors (especially the ones that hire others) do not practice with a high regard for their patients.  They practice based on their weirdy belief systems.  The average chiropractic visit is 12 minutes.  I spend 60-90+ minutes with each person and choose to be comprehensive because it's the right thing to do.
3) I'm not good at marketing, networking or advertising.  I suck at it.  I have no budget and no idea how to make it better.  So... I'm over it.  My mobile chiropractic/massage business - Expedition Chiropractic - will now be just a side project.

I am transitioning back into the entertainment industry.  I used to work in production and have decent experience doing that.  Now, however, I want to work in post-production.  I am looking to become an assistant editor.  In addition to that I'm learning and re-learning some VFX programs, color correct and color theory, etc.  I like project-based work because it will allow me to travel between the jobs and offer new challenges each time, both technical and creative.  As a former Mac Genius of 4 years for Apple and with passion for film I think this is a better choice for my future.  Also, the money is way better (at 36 I'm tired of being flat broke, borrowing food money and having to live in the truck mandatorily).
Learning the industry-standard workflows of being an assistant editor and getting up-to-date on the Avid.
I'm getting up to speed quickly and working hard to make this change happen.  I love technology and entertainment so hoping this works out.

Here are some photos from Echo Park (because I went there):

Let's hope it really is "magic town"

Pacific Crest Trail, Class of 2014 (1,018 miles)

After finishing chiropractic school in April 2014 I was ready to be done with humanity, the world and everything in it.  There was only one place left for me on the planet - the wilderness.  I had been planning and thinking about the PCT for a few years and it was time.
At the Southern Terminus of the PCT, mile 0.  Behind me is the border fence - not more than some aluminum siding, but heavily patrolled by US Border Patrol agents.
Here are just some of the highlight photos.  There are many stories and memories, all to be shared over a coffee, meal or beer.  Enjoy these select photos (not necessarily in trip chronological order):

San Gorgonio, SoCal's highest peak at almost 11,500'.

My sleep setup and all my gear.  This is how I slept.

Devils Postpile National Monument

June Lake area

These are from my last day on trail before stopping at Sonora Pass due to injury:

Here I am at the end, 170 pounds (lightest I've been since I was 15 years old):

It was a great adventure and I will definitely finish the whole trail.  If you're thinking about it let's talk.  You should do it but you should buy better, lighter gear first.